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DID YOU KNOW?  It is a fact that subconsciously we only take 3 seconds to make a first impression.  My passion is to assist my clients to excel in their intentions with others.
To persuade my clients, I need to think their thoughts, feel their feelings and speak their words.
I assist my clients to build a personal brand, through the art of knowing their own personality as well as those of other people.
I start my consultation by firstly getting to know my client.  I would visit them in their environment, house or office as this tells me a lot about my clients’ personality.  I would then ask my client a few questions to get to know them better.
Then I would do a colour, style and figure analysis.
From there I would make suggestions as to which colours and clothing would suit my client best to enhance their values and cover the flaws.
I would then assist the client on wardrobe planning that reflects their personality taking into account their profession as well as personal life and hobbies.
Should the client require it I would go shopping with them to make the best of their wardrobe to build onto the cloths they already own.
I am also able to assist my client on body language, etiquette and decorum as well as diversity to ensure that they are well equipped to behave correctly in any situation that they might find themselves in.
Image is not just about clothing but about the entire package that your portrait.